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Extension at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is actively involved in programming that helps homeowners, industry, and youth audiences understand onsite wastewater treatment systems for handling domestic sewage. Treatment of wastewater using onsite systems, such as septic tanks and drainfields, plays a very important role in protecting the water and environment of Nebraska and supporting economic development. As a result of Extension programming, Nebraskans benefit from improved water quality and a cleaner environment.

No Matter Where You Live, Submit a Request Before You Dig!

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Spring is here and that often means its time start outdoor projects. Whether you are spading in new trees, putting in a koi pond or other excavated landscape features, drilling a new well, or installing a new onsite wastewater system, you want to make sure a ‘Locate Request’ has been submitted to Nebraska811 before digging.

Nebraska811 is the statewide one-call notification center, set up by Nebraska state law. It is the link between people who want to excavate and the underground facility owners/operators.

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Water for Food Conference to Address Water and Food Security in a Changing World

 Water for Food Conference to Address Water and Food Security in a Changing World
This year's conference will focus on innovative ways to improve water and food security by increasing farmers’ resiliency to a changing landscape.

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Minimizing the Impact of Winter Weather on Water & Wastewater Systems

In Nebraska, extreme winter weather can hit us quickly and hang around for extended periods of time. Long periods of cold can be hard on things, but what impact do they have on your septic system, private well/water system? Are there things one can do to minimize the impact?

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Lagoon Water Levels - Onsite Wastewater Question of the Month – August 2022

Do you have questions about your private drinking water supply?  How about wellhead protection, including the management of your private sewage treatment system?  Send your questions by clicking on the ‘Email Us’ feature in the lower right corner on this web page.  Questions will be addressed by Nebraska Statewide Extension Associate for Domestic Water & Wastewater, Becky Schuerman and/or other Extension Water Team Staff.

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Maintaining Your Septic System

What makes a good septic system?

A properly designed, constructed, functioning and maintained septic system protects human and environmental health. This includes, but is not limited to surface water, groundwater and soil quality in the immediate vicinity of the proposed onsite wastewater system site. A good habit to adopt is an annual inspection of and maintenance of your onsite wastewater system to help ensure a well-balanced, working septic system.

Wastewater 101

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