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2017 Sandpit Lake Management Workshops

Nebraska Extension, the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality, and Game and Parks again have partnered to offer a series of pond and lake management introductory workshops.  These workshops are free and open to everyone who makes decisions for and about lakes and ponds or anyone who wants to learn more about protecting them.  If you’ve ever had an algae bloom, fish kill, murky water, or just want to know what’s going on in the lake, this workshop is for you.  All 2017 workshops are focused on sandpit lakes.

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2017 Spring Stormwater Symposium

The 2017 Spring Stormwater Symposium brought together professionals from both public and private sectors to learn from local, regional and national experts. The symposium will focused on examples of stormwater program funding and management, and took an in-depth look into the life cycle of a successful stormwater management project.

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Winter Land Application Training Days

January 26-February 7, 2017: Getting the most value from your manure resource! Learn about regulations as they relate to manure, how to value and manage manure nitrogen, recordkeeping and reporting needs, and more.

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Lagoon Closure Demonstration

The closure of aged livestock lagoons and earthen manure storage basins needs to be conducted in a manner that controls potential environmental risk and makes economical use of accumulated nutrients in the biosolids. This event will offer a unique opportunity to hear about and see the step-by-step process for planning and conducting a lagoon closure.

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Land Use & Management Practices to Enhance Water Quality

Training for Extension professionals, educators and technical service providers to conduct programs and course work on nutrient and manure management and land use within riparian ecosystems.

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Nebraska Manure Demonstration Day

The 2014 Manure Demonstration Day was held in Lexington, Nebraska on July 29, 2014. Approximately 275 people attended the event that demonstrated how to utilize manure for proper plant nutrition while still protecting the environment. The event was similar to the North American Manure Expo, but focused on the manure industry in the state of Nebraska rather than nationally. Participants viewed 33 vendors, 16 demonstrations and had opportunities to attend educational sessions to learn more about manure management and handling.

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Groundwater Levels

Groundwater levels are an indication of how humans and climate have impacted the amount of water stored below ground, and the amount of groundwater that flows out of the ground to streams, rivers, springs, and lakes. Depletion of groundwater resources would have major social, economic, and ecological impacts in Nebraska and beyond.

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Groundwater Quality and Protection

In many parts of Nebraska, the natural quality of groundwater is suitable for both humans and ecosystems. However, in some areas the groundwater quality has been impacted by high levels of nitrate from human activities, or naturally high levels of uranium or arsenic. These groundwater quality issues can cause significant challenges for communities, in part because of the cost of treating groundwater to reduce contaminants to meet drinking water standards.

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Aquifers of Nebraska

There are at least seven major aquifer systems in Nebraska. By far, the High Plains/Ogallala aquifer is the largest in terms of volume of water in storage and withdrawals for irrigation. Several secondary aquifers exist in areas outside of the High Plains aquifer, providing water for irrigation, municipal supplies, and domestic use in parts of far western and far eastern Nebraska.

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Modern Manure Management Video

Have you ever wondered how technology is being used in modern manure management? Find out with the University of Nebraska's "Modern Manure Management" Video.

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