Katie Pekarek - Extension Educator

Katie Pekarek - Extension Educator

2019 Omaha Green Infrastructure Tour

Omaha Green Infrastructure Tour flyer

Join us on the 11th annual Omaha Green Infrastructure Tour! This year, we invite you to join us for a Maintenance and Management tour.  We will re-visit some of our most interesting tour stops from the past decade and explore the good, bad and ugly of maintaining and managing green infrastructure.

Register at go.unl.edu/OmahaGreenInfrastructureTour

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After the Flood - Private Drinking Wells

a sign during a flood

Floodwater from recent heavy rains, snow melt, and flooding may potentially carry pollutants with it.  During floods, water comes into contact with things it normally wouldn’t, such as gasoline, animal waste, chemical storage facilities and more.  If your private drinking water well has been impacted by flood water,  your water supply may have been contaminated with pollutants carried in the flood water.

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Lake Education Opportunity with the Nebraska Lakes Association

Sampling Lake Water

The Nebraska Lakes Association (NLA) is an organization which brings lake owners, managers and experts together to address the issues private lake management. The mission of the (NLA) is to provide a forum for information and resources to educate members so their lake experience is safe, healthy and enjoyable.

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To Aerate or Not to Aerate? That is the winter question.

It’s been getting colder and winter is upon us. If you have an aerator in your pond you maybe wondering what to do with it. Cold water holds more oxygen, animal and plant use of this oxygen is lower than in the winter than the summer, and oxygen-using decomposition is very slow. So, if the pond is open most of the winter or only has occasional ice cover, the pond should not have an oxygen problem. In this case, aeration is not benefitting the pond.

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Nebraska Beach Monitoring

beach in Nebraska

Are you planning a day at the lake?  Did you know you can check on the water quality before you head out?

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