Over 200 UNL faculty and professional staff (see expertise) work on water-related issues ranging from water quality to engineering to economics to crop production to policy to habitat and beyond.  The faculty and staff are in many colleges and departments, but many work collaboratively across disciplines and with public and private sector partners to address the real-world water problems facing Nebraska, the nation and the world. Students can choose majors, internships and research opportunities to fit their interests.  When it comes to preparing for a career related to water, there is no place like Nebraska!

Water-Related Undergraduate Programs

Water-Related Graduate Programs

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In addition to the above Water-Related Undergraduate Programs, you may wish to also review the following information provided by the department.

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Curious about careers in water? Please review our updated 2010 two-page brochure entitled Water Careers.


Supported by the Office of Undergraduate Studies and funded by the Pepsi Endowment and Program of Excellence funds, Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences (UCARE) Program creates intellectual partnerships between UNL faculty and undergraduates by providing funds for research.


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Not sure about a major or career choice? You may wish to try UNL Career Service's possibilities.unl.edu to help you narrow your choices.

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