Irrigation Systems: Subsurface Drip

Advantages and Disadvantages of Subsurface Drip Irrigation, EC776 (*PDF, 1.2 MB; 8 full color pages)
Discusses subsurface drip irrigation, including the advantages of water application efficiency and savings, energy savings and potential yield increases and the disadvantges of initial investment, system capacity, design restrictions and emitter clogging.

Research Update on Subsurface Drip Irrigation, Suat Irmak. (*PDF, 2.6 MB; 23 full color pages)
Subsurface drip irriagation supplies water directly to the crop root-zone via polyethylene drip lines and emitters. Updated information on advantages, disadvantages, and procedures, with color images.

Drip Irrigation Design and Management Considerations for Windbreaks,
Discusses drip irrigation, one of the most commonly used methods to irrigate windbreaks.

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