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What is stormwater?  It's water from rain or melting snow.  Watch the video above and learn about rain water runoff and why it can be a problem. 

Rain barrels and cisterns conserve water and make people think about stormwater runoff.  

This video is an introduction to rain gardens and how they help control stormwater runoff. 

Permeable pavement is an alternative to the concrete and asphalt most people are familiar with.  This video discusses why permeable pavements are important and how they help control stormwater runoff. 

Green roofs help manage stormwater by capturing rainfall.  This video discusses stormwater management and the benefits of green roofs. 

This is a Stormwater Minute on stormwater runoff and how runoff pollution happens. 

Storm sewers are very different from sanitary sewers.  Storm sewers are meant to carry only stormwater; so only rainwater and snowmelt should go down the storm drain.  

Take action around your neighborhood to prevent runoff pollution.  


There are simple things you can do to prevent runoff pollution from your lawn and garden.  

Combined sewers carry sewage and stormwater in the same pipe to a treatment plant.  This works fine when there is little to no stormwater.  But when it rains, the system can overflow and dump combined sewage and stormwater into streams and lakes.  

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