Surface Water

Everything you didn't know you wanted to know about stormwater.
When it rains and as snow/ice melts, water runs across and off our property. This runoff water is referred to as stormwater.
A watershed is an area of land that contributes water to a water body such as a stream, pond, lake or river. Everything that we do on the surface of our watershed impacts the water quality of our streams, wetlands, ponds, lakes, rivers and even groundwater!
Wetlands describe a variety of areas where plants and animals suited to wet environments can be found. They are among the richest and biologically most productive habitats on the planet.
Wetlands also are invaluable for a variety of water quality functions they naturally perform. Nebraska is rich in wetlands with playa, sandhill, saline/alkaline and riverine wetlands.
lakes, ponds, streams
Water quality protection practices properly implemented on the landscape can reduce or eliminate overland runoff water. Pollutants associated with that runoff water will enter lakes, ponds and streams.
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