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Nitrate in Nebraska AND Reverse Osmosis Rebate Program Extension In-Service

The following is a recording of an Extension in-service training hosted on January 6, 2023.  The intent of the in-service was to provide information to Extension members serving all 93 counties of Nebraska with the information on nitrate in Nebraska and drinking water treatment, so that they are equipped to assist all Nebraskans interested in the Reverse Osmosis Rebate Program.  The in-service was developed by Katie Pekarek - Extension Educator, Laura Nagengast - Assistant Extension Educator, Carla McCullough - Associate Extension Educator, and Becky Schuerman - Extension Associate.  The video addresses four things: 1) the state of nitrate concentrations in Nebraska, 2)health impacts of nitrate, 3)basic treatment of nitrate, and 4) the reverse osmosis rebate program.

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